Thigh Lift


Age, pregnancy, and fluctuations in weight can result in sagging thighs that are disproportionate in size in comparison with the hips and buttocks. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Their are two versions of this surgery that address the skin in one dimension or in both. Incisions are confined to the creases in the groins in milder cases, but in more severe cases an incision also extends along the inner aspect of both thighs to help decrease the circumference of the thigh and both tighten and smooth the skin. An overnight admission is required if the surgery is the more severe of the two.
Time under anesthesia is at over 6 hours. Drains are needed for about a week and a compression garment is used to help stabilize the tissues for about six weeks.

Activity limitations include not climbing stairs for a week, then climbing steps with a two step method. Also, avoiding long strides or stretching of the legs for 2 weeks or more as well as no bicycle riding for 6 weeks. (you get the idea) Sutures, if any, are removed in 2 weeks.