Nose Surgery


For those dissatisfied with the size and shape of their nose, rhinoplasty is performed to achieve better facial harmony and balance. This operation can reduce a nasal hump, improve the contour of the nasal tip and profile, refine and narrow the bridge, and change the size or flare of the nostrils, in order to make the nose in proportion with other facial features. Chin implants are often used along with a Rhinoplasty to improve the symmetry of the face in profile. This can create better harmony between the nose and chin. (improvement of a weak chin) Patients experiencing chronic difficulty breathing through their nose may be able to have this procedure covered by their insurance, with prior approval and documentation of medical necessity. Please contact our office for more information regarding insurance pre-determinations.

Most Rhinoplastys require the use of a splint that is applied over the nose to help hold the shape as it heals. There is also packing that is placed in the nostrils for 3 days. This is perhaps the most uncomfortable part of the surgery as mouth breathing is required for the 3 days post op. The nasal splint usually keeps for 10 days for 2 weeks and this is about the only surgery we do where you may NOT wash the surgical area for the time the splint is in use (2 weeks!) Egads!!! Sutures are removed in about 7 days. There will be bruising, typically under the eyes, more often than not. This surgery is done under General Anesthesia on an out patient basis.