Breast Reduction

Reduction Mammaplasty

Women who have large, heavy breasts often complain of neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder strap pain, and rashes under and between their breasts. Some women with large breasts develop headaches and some have difficulty breathing. Finding clothes that fit can often be a problem. Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, has proven to be a very successful operation in relieving those problems, in addition to reducing the size of and reshaping the breasts.

An incision is made around the nipple areolar complex and straight down to the lower part of the breast, with an incision that extends horizontally along the crease underneath the breasts. (think anchor shape) Excess tissue, fat, and skin are removed, and the enlarged nipple areolar reduced and repositioned. The results are smaller, shapelier and “perkier” breasts with better symmetry of size. Insurance companies may cover this type of procedure as long as certain criteria deeming medical necessity are met. Please contact our office for more information regarding insurance pre-determinations.

Surgery is done under general anesthesia. You will wear a support garment for 6 weeks. Sutures are removed in 2 weeks. Restriction are limited to not using your chest as a shelf or holding items against your chest. No sleeping on your belly. (side is fine as is comfortable)