Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttock Augmentation

Women in particular are increasingly interested in the shape of their buttocks.  Although many people feel that their buttocks are too large, often the problem is a poor shape with a flattening and relative lack of volume in the upper portion of the buttock with an apparent fullness of the lower and outer aspects of the buttock.  The Brazilian Butt Lift is becoming rapidly more popular over time because the operation involves harvesting fat from the back, waist, and flanks and repositioning it into the buttocks in various areas that need filling. This also lifts the lower portion of the buttock. Other areas of the buttock are treated by liposuction to reduce excess fullness.  Overall this gives a better contour to the buttock and improves the aesthetic continuity between the back, waist, and buttock.

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, you will have general anesthesia and wear a specialty garment for 6 weeks. Restrictions for the first 2 weeks are not to sit directly on your bottom or sleep on your back. (use a pillow roll under your upper thighs or sit backwards on a chair)