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Breast Augmentation

Women who desire larger, fuller and shapelier breasts will be candidates for breast augmentation using breast implants.  This procedure corrects loss of breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss, and it can be performed in order to make breasts more symmetrical or improve the proportions between the upper and lower body. 


At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we primarily perform this operation under general anesthesia through any one of three incision sites (under the arms, below the breasts, or along the bottom edge of the areola) and the implants are placed either deep to the chest muscle or on top of the chest muscle, depending on the patient’s individual needs and situation.  Both saline-filled and gel-filled (silicone) implants are available.  This operation may be performed along with, but not in place of, a breast lift.

Before & After: View Breast Augmentation Images

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